Sapperton and Daneway


I learned many things while road tripping around France and Spain with Rocky. Two of those things are: (a) Rocky’s paws are much happier on softer, less-rocky ground and (2) I need to walk up more hills.

One of my post-holiday promises to myself is to walk up more hills, at least one per week. I live in the Cotswolds, so I have no excuse not to!

So last weekend Rocky and I set out on the Sapperton and Daneway Walk listed in the Pathfinder Guide of Cotswold Walks. As it turned out, half of the walk was along the towpath of the now-defunct Thames and Severn Canal, which is about as far away from a hill as you can get, but even so, it was a neat bit of history – the canal opened in 1789 and was abandoned in 1927, leaving behind an eerie bogland earmarked by the odd remains of canal locks, ruined masonry and the canal tunnel itself – 2 1/2 miles long!


Other parts of the walk saw a few small climbs (about 50 floors in total according to the Fitbit), meandering along fields and bringing to mind words I’d never used until I moved to Britain: hedgerows, copses, kissing-gates and sunken tracks.

I do miss the high drama of the Picos and the Pyrenees, but it’s good to be back on familiar ground. And I know one of us at least doesn’t mind the lack of extreme hills or sweltering heat. Soft ground, lots of shade and ample water features are where it’s at for the Rockstar: