A Summer Road Trip Begins…

Rocky road trip in situ
I had a panic the other day. I’ve barely planned for this trip – that I actually acquired ferry tickets in the first place is a minor miracle. But life has been distracting and I always just reassured myself that “well, I’ve booked the ferry, so I’m going no matter what, why over think things?”

The panic was this: I suddenly remembered – 5 days before my trip – that bringing Rocky overseas meant getting him vaccinated against evil things and waiting a couple weeks before he can actually travel.

Oh no! What if I couldn’t bring Rocky?

Anyway, crisis averted: Rocky was vaccinated last year and the vaccination doesn’t “expire” until 2015. And now here we are on a ferry to France. They let us on the boat. I can relax.

That was my first dog learning of this Road Trip: rabies vaccinations have a shelf life of three years.

Rocky road trip in situ

This blog is all about road tripping with my dog, Rocky. I will use it to write about the things I learn about my dog, myself and the people and places we meet along the way.

At this moment, we have just commenced a 3-week road trip through France and Spain. Lucky me, I’ve scored a private cabin on the ferry, while poor Rocky sits sequestered in his dog crate in the car. I’d like to think we’re both enjoying our quiet, alone time, but in all likely hood he’s looking forward to the other side. Or maybe this is just me projecting. He’s probably just having a nap (further proof that dogs are far more sensible than us over-thinking humans).

Pet on board


2 thoughts on “A Summer Road Trip Begins…

  1. Hi Monica,
    My boyfriend Stu sent me the link to your blog, as he knows that I adore dogs and travelling. Hope you and Rocky have an amazing trip together… Anna

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